Viomedex Baby Respiration Sensor

Viomedex Baby Respiration Sensor

For use with the Graseby MR10, MR10+ or MR10S and EME Infant Flow Advance. Complete reliability for infant monitoring in the hospital and at home. We have manufactured the Respiration Sensor for over 20 years.

Benefits of Baby Respiration Sensors

  • Attaches to Graseby and EME Infant Apnea monitors
  • Accurately monitors respiration rate
  • The performance is not impaired when covered by the baby’s clothes.
  • It does not restrict the baby’s movement.

Baby Respiration Sensors Product Information

  • Baby respiration sensor for Smiths, and for use with the MR10, MR10+ or MR10S and Infant Flow Advance
  • The non-kink plastic tubing is non-electrical.
  • The sensor is supplied individually packed in a sealed pouch.
  • Tube Length 100cm.
  • Single use only.
  • Male Luer connection.
  • Latex free.
  • Disposable Pneumatic sensor capsule is taped to the baby’s abdomen

Uses of Viomedex Baby Respiration Sensors

  • To monitor infants in Special Care, those at risk of Apparent Life Threatening Events and sudden Infant Death Syndrome when attached to Graseby MR10.
  • Can be used on the EME Infant Flow Advance for apnea monitoring.

More Information: Baby Respiration Sensor for MR10, 10+, 10S, EME | Viomedex

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