T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92

T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92


  • Sterilising grade 0.2 μm rated hollow fiber membrane filter
  • High capacity filter with up to 92 day life cycle
  • Constant flow technology ensures optimal flow performance over life cycle
  • Antimicrobial additive protection reduces risk of retrograde contamination
  • Integral check valve prevents backflow contamination upstream
  • Traceability with GS1 Datamatrix, enabling electronic tracking of filters

Technical Data

  • Max. operating pressure: 5 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: 60° C
  • Flow rate: 8 L/min
  • Max. filter life cycle: 92 days*
  • Connection: ½ inch thread
  • Colour: White

Microbial retention
Sterilising grade membrane filter, effective against all waterborne pathogens. Independently tested and validated in accordance
with ASTM F838 against:

• Legionella pneumophila
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• Brevundimonas diminuta

Microbial reduction
T-safe antimicrobial additive is proven to reduce surface bacteria contamination by 99.9%. Independently tested in accordance with ISO 22196.

ASTM F838-15A, ISO 22196, WRAS, KIWA, DVGW W270. Compliant with EU food and drinking water directives.

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