Finger Sims – 80%, 90%, 97% – Fingers Only

Finger Sims – 80%, 90%, 97% – Fingers Only

Replacement Set of 3 FingerSims™:

  • 80% FingerSim™
  • 90% FingerSim™
  • 97% FingerSim™

Used alone, the user simply pushes on the FingerSim™ to generate a “pulse”. Or, use with the SPO-2000 to generate a calibrated pulse rate!
Formerly made by Nonin Medical – Finger Phantom.
The FingerSim Replacement Set comes with the FingerSims™ only.
Easily add a calibrated pulse rate with the optional BC Biomedical SPO-2000 Pulse Oximtery Simulator or add Pulse Oximetry testing capabilities to the BC Biomedical NIBP, PS-2200 & PS-2100 with the purchase of the BC Biomedical MSP-2100 Pulse Oximetry Module

PLEASE NOTE: FingerSims™ are guaranteed for a shelf life of 12 months. Simply order a FingerSim™ Replacement Set at the end of the one year replacement cycle.

More Information: Finger Sims – 80%, 90%, 97% – Fingers Only

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