ESU-2350 – ESU Analyzer – Bluetooth-High Accuracy

ESU-2350 – ESU Analyzer – Bluetooth-High Accuracy

Included with purchase:

  • BC20-00142 ESU-2350 Accessory Kit (Test Leads)
  • BC20-21107 Universal Power Supply
  • BC20-20521 Power Adapter with International plugs
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • User Manual

The ESU-2350 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer is a high-accuracy, true RMS RF measurement system with Bluetooth technology built inside. It is designed to be used in the calibration and routine performance verification of Electrosurgical Generators. It offers a higher degree of accuracy than previously attainable with conventional Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer designs.

The ESU-2350 provides an internal load bank with a range of 0 to 5500 Ω in 5 Ω increments. It is microprocessor based and utilizes a combination of unique hardware and software to provide accurate and reliable test results, even from “noisy” Electrosurgical Generator wave-forms such as “Spray”. The DFA 2™ Technology utilized in the ESU-2350 allows the system to aggressively digitize the RF waveforms produced by Electrosurgical Generators, analyze each individual digital data point, and provide highly accurate measurement results.

  • Industry Standard RF Current Measurement
  • Displays Up to 9 Different Measurement Parameters with User Selectable and Definable Screens
  • Internal Precision Test Loads From 0 Ω to 5500 Ω in 5 Ω Increments
  • Power Load Curves with Multiple Power Settings Per Load Setting
  • User-Definable Testing Sequences
  • Print test Reports to PDF format
  • Automatic or Manual Activation of ESU Generator During Power Load Curve Tests
  • 100% Compatible with Covidien/ Valleylab ForceTriad™, FT10™ and Ligasure™ Generators, and All Legacy Generators by Other Manufacturers
  • REM/ARM/CQM Testing Via 500 Ω Adjustable Load in 1 Ω Increments
  • RF Leakage Current Measurement

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