NIBP Simulator – w/ Man, ECG, – Pace, Resp & Perf

NIBP Simulator – w/ Man, ECG, – Pace, Resp & Perf

The NIBP-1000 Series are microprocessor-based, high precision, non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Simulators. The units are small, easy to use and have multiple features to fit many different applications. The NIBP-1020 offers realistic ECG waveforms that are full QRS and respiration waveforms.

The NIBP-1020’s multiple screens give the pressure digitally in mmHg and offers views of the plot of the overall pressure or a close-up of the BP waveform.

NIBP-1010 (basic features, NIBP only):

  • Large graphic display
  • Selectable options
  • Parameter setup
  • Full range manometer
  • Adult, neonatal, hypertensive and hypotensive modes
  • 0-500 mmHg pressure range
  • +/- 1% of reading pressure accuracy
  • Digital pressure envelope offset
  • Optional peak pressure detect with simple reset
  • SpO2 ready – compatible with msp-2100 module
  • Digital calibration – no pots to turn
  • Flash programmable
  • Battery life display (0 to 100%)
  • Optional rechargeable nimh batteries
  • Battery eliminator
  • RS232 interface

NIBP-1020 (NIBP, ECG pace & resp) has all the basic model features plus:

  • ECG output with full NSR waveform
  • Sinusoidal respiration simulation
  • ECG test waveforms
  • Pace waveform
  • Optional peak pressure detect with ECG alarm test
  • ECG synchronized with blood pressure

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