Pulse Oximetry Module – Stand alone – (FingerSims Required)

Pulse Oximetry Module – Stand alone – (FingerSims Required)

The BC Biomedical SPO-2000 Pulse Oximetry Simulator works in conjunction with FingerSims to deliver an SPO2 output with a calibrated pulse rate! Included with the purchase is a BC20-21115 Power Supply with Interchangeable US, UK, AUS and Euro adapters.

The SPO-2000 gives a calibrated pulse rate for 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 BPM pulse rates.

Each pulse rate has a unique LED indicator. The SPO-2000 is designed to work in conjunction with the FingerSim™ manufactured by BC Biomedical and available from BC Group International. The FingerSim™ is used to verify the operation of pulse oximeters. The SPO-2000 adds calibrated pulse rates to the functionality of the FingerSims™. (FingerSim™ Required, but NOT included).

NOTE: The accuracy of the saturation percentage on the pulse oximeter being tested is a function of the FingerSim™ – not the SPO-2000. The SPO-2000 only controls the pulse rate. See the user information included with the FingerSim™ for accuracy and related data.

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