ESU Analyzer – Very High Accuracy – Pulse Measurement

ESU Analyzer – Very High Accuracy – Pulse Measurement

The Model ESU-2400 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer is a high-accuracy, true RMS RF measurement system designed to be used in the calibration and routine performance verification of Electrosurgical Generators. It offers a higher degree of accuracy than previously attainable with conventional Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer designs. The ESU-2400 provides an advanced low reactance internal load bank with a range of 0 to 6400 ohms in 1 ohm increments. It is microprocessor-based and utilizes a combination of unique hardware and software to provide accurate and reliable test results, even from “noisy” ESU Generator waveforms such as “Spray”. The Patent Pending DFA® Technology utilized in the ESU-2400 allows the system to aggressively digitize the complex RF waveforms produced by Electrosurgical Generators, analyze each individual digital data point and provide highly accurate measurement results.

The ESU-2400, unlike many conventional ESU Analyzers, has internal HV setup relays to control the measurement path, allowing the user to switch between power measurements, leakage measurements, CQM/RECQM/ARM testing or even run an autosequence that could include any or all of these tests – without even moving wires around.

The current transformer internal to the ESU-2400 senses the RF current flowing through the internal test load and produces a ratiometric voltage which is digitized and analyzed by the microprocessor. Combining the standard and low ranges of the ESU-2400 with the use of the current transformer, the user has full control over the ability to get high accuracy and high resolution readings from all types of Electrosurgical Generators.

The following are some of the main features:

  • True RMS readings using DFA® technology
  • Industry standard current sensing technology
  • mV, mV peak, ma, crest factor and power (wattage) ranges
  • Color QVGA display with touchscreen
  • 1% of reading measurement accuracy
  • Digital calibration – no pots to turn
  • Selectable display options
  • Graphical on-screen representation of measured RF signal
  • Standard (1000 mV) and low range (100 mV) with autoscaling capability
  • Pulsed RF waveform measurement mode for low duty cycle pulsed outputs offered by some electrosurgical manufacturers

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