ESU Analyzer – High Accuracy – Portable

ESU Analyzer – High Accuracy – Portable

The ESU-2300 is an Electrosurgical Analyzer. The “measurement engine” of the ESU-2300 is a specially-engineered true-RMS RF ammeter and wattmeter, designed to measure the complex RF waveforms produced by electrosurgical generators. The ESU-2300 has been designed to comply with electrosurgical manufacturer industry standard current sensing technology and utilizes an internal precision RF Current Transformer. The analyzer utilizes a precision internal test load resistor network. The ESU-2300 is intended to be routinely used to measure the various parameters relating to the testing and performance validation of electrosurgical generators. DFA® Technology allows the ESU-2300 to aggressively digitize the complex electrosurgical generator waveform, analyze its components and provide accurate and stable results. It may be used as a stand-alone meter or in conjunction with a PC utilizing the optional software.

Product Highlights:

  • True RMS readings using patent pending DFA® technology
  • Industry standard current sensing technology
  • mV, mV peak, crest factor and power (wattage) ranges
  • RF current (mA) and power (watts) can be displayed
  • Internal precision load resistor network: 50 ohms to 750 ohms in 50 ohm increments External load resistor capability – uses the external resistor value as a discrete value or add it to any internal load resistor value
  • 2.5% of reading accuracy on RF current (mA)
  • 5% of reading accuracy on RF power (watts)
  • Internal load resistor network is cooled with temperature and power controlled cooling fan
  • Uses an internal 0.1:1 ratio precision RF current transformer
  • Independent CQM (REM/ARM) resistor network: 1 ohm to 500 ohms in 1 ohm increments
  • RF leakage measurements through 200 W test load
  • Internal rechargeable battery allows operation independent of line power
  • Large graphics display with cursor selection of options and setup of parameters
  • Digital data output via USB
  • Remote capabilities using RS-232 and USB
  • PC based interface program optional
  • Digital calibration – no pots to turn
  • Selectable display options
  • Tactile keys with audio feedback

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