BNG BN300 Phototherapy Lamp

BNG BN300 Phototherapy Lamp


  • Optional languages support
  • Suitable to use alone without trolley
  • Easy use for incubator and baby cribs
  • 0-99h treatment Timer & Down-Counter
  • 3.5inch LCD TFT color touch control screen
  • 360° rotatable head module in all directions
  • Real time clock and date display on the main screen
  • 16pcs super LED’s and 4 pcs white examination LEDs
  • Light source without emitting heat, UV and IR (Super LEDs)
  • Light intensity adjustment with range 0-100% μW/cm2/nm by 5% increments


Device Operation

BN 300 LED phototherapy unit from BNG Medical.Phototherapy devices are used in the treatment of newborn hyperbilirubin in Neonatology and Newborn Clinics

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