Ultrasound Wattmeter – Digital – 50 mW Resolution

Ultrasound Wattmeter – Digital – 50 mW Resolution

Measurement of power output levels of diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound equipment has become increasingly important to determine exact patient exposure levels in case a potential risk exists to the patient. Since the Radiation Control for Health & Safety Act of 1968 and the 1976 Medical Device Amendments to the FDA Act became effective, all manufacturers of diagnostic Doppler ultrasound equipment are required to submit information regarding their maximum peak and average exposure level, beam patterns and other pertinent information. Hospitals are responsible for regularly scheduled testing (every six months) of output power and safety to maintain their accreditation.

The Ultrasound Wattmeter, Model USP-100SP, is designed to measure the ultrasound power output of diagnostic or therapeutic transducers up to 30 watts. The principle of measurement is the radiant force method. The USP-100SP uses a positioning clamp to hold the transducer in de-gassed water above a conical target. The ultrasonic energy passes through the water to reflect off the target and is then absorbed by the rubber lining. The radiant power is directly proportional to the total downward force (weight) on the target. This weight is then transferred through the target support assembly to the electromechanical load cell inside the scale. The cell is in a computer-controlled feedback loop and produces a digital readout in watts of power (custom units) or grams of force. The choice of units (grams or watts) is selected by front panel pushbuttons. The USP-100SP is supplied with a plug-in 120 VAC to 12VDC 400 mA adapter (using another adapter not rated the same may damage unit). The USP-100SP has a display resolution of ±50 milliwatts.


  • Digital reading
  • Resolution: 50 mW
  • Continuous or pulsed power
  • Integrated carrying case
  • 0.2 to 30.0 Watt Range
  • Accuracy = ±3% + one count reading
  • 0.5 to 10MHz frequency response
  • Built-in transducer holder
  • Line power battery operation
  • Unit weight is 11lbs

Power Supply Information

BC20-21113: Power supply (Universal) for all UPM’s except UPM-DT-50SP Rev B and UPM-100SP Rev B w/plugs for EUR, UK, AUS, USA

BC20-21119: Power supply (Universal) for UPM-DT-50SP Rev B and UPM-100SP Rev B w/plugs for EUR, UK, AUS, USA

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