MTTS CL1-1000 Colibri Phototherapy

MTTS CL1-1000 Colibri Phototherapy

Phototherapy is the most common treatment for reducing high bilirubin levels that cause jaundice in newborns. Colibri Phototherapy is a low-cost, high-performance, and compact overhead phototherapy unit providing high intensity light for treating hyperbilirubinemia. It features long-lasting LED lights, increased surface area, high spectral irradiance, intuitive control panel, compact size, and flexible mounting options to help ensure effective patient dosage and prompt results.
Colibri Phototherapy was designed to be used in combination with any radiant warmer, infant bed or incubator available on the market to deliver effective phototherapy treatment while supporting developmental care. Instead of traditional overhead unit, Colibri Phototherapy has 2 canopies which don’t interfere with radiant warmers and provide maximum exposure to the LED light.

Assembly Tutorial

This video will provide instructions on the MTTS Colibri Phototherapy Assembly

Key Features

User selectable “standard” and “intensive” modes
Can be used with premature and full term neonates
Compatible with any radiant warmer, infant bed or incubator available on the market
No moving parts, no internal fans

LED Lights
Optimal light spectrum for treatment of jaundice
Height adjustment maximizes skin surface area exposure

Power Supply
Medical-grade power supply
3 prong connection for safe electrical grounding (Class I)
Energy saving

Control Panel
On/off button.
Control button to toggle between normal and intensive mode

Bright, ‘across the room’ readable LED display shows treatment time
Treatment time counter
Total system time counter (lifetime)
Total intensive mode system time counter (lifetime)
Standard/intensive mode indicator

Adjustable height (115-140cm from the light source) to suit different bed heights
Durable caster wheels with locks

Technical Specifications

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