MTTS CPD-10000 Dolphin Bubble CPAP

MTTS CPD-10000 Dolphin Bubble CPAP

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy supports the airways of preterm and low-birth weight newborns, who can breathe spontaneously but inadequately. It is a comfortable alternative to relatively invasive therapies, endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.
Dolphin CPAP system is designed to protect compromised airways, enhancing patient comfort and optimizing infant outcomes. Its continuous gentle pressure of air decreases the baby’s work of breathing by keeping the alveoli of the lungs open, enables efficient capillary exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to take place, helps establish and maintain functional residual capacity, prevents collapse and upper airway obstruction, and reduces apnoea, bradycardia and cyanotic episodes.

Dolphin Assembly and Reprocessing Tutorial

This video will provide instructions on Dolphin Assembly & Reprocessing Tutorial

Key Features

100% reusable and cleanable
Complete all-in-one CPAP treatment and monitoring device
Integrated design includes gas mixing, humidification, PEEP chamber, air compressor and pulse-oximiter in one compact unit
2h battery backup (excluding heat and humidity)

Innovative design for safe and easy one hand adjustment
Easily visible at front of unit

Gas Mixing
Electronic mixing for easy, independent adjustment of flow rate and FiO2
Directly set FiO2, no calculations or tables
Internal regulator allows safe connection to a variety of oxygen sources

Automatically refills for 3-days continuous operation
Small heated volume for quick warm up
Heater power is automatically adjusted to maintain correct humidity and minimize rain-out

Patient Circuit
Completely reusable
Most parts autoclavable
Can be chemically disinfected if autoclave is not available
Includes internal heater wire and temperature sensors
Robust but flexible silicone tubes

Pulse Oximeter
Pulse-oximetry integrated into the device
Choice of MTTS and Masimo SET® technology for accurate, reliable,
robust measurements
Simple user interface and alarm settings
No multi-level menus or complicated button sequences

Air Compressor
Integrated air compressor means there is no need for an external air source
Completely integrated, no messy external wires or tubes

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