IPA-1000: Infusion Pump Analyzer

IPA-1000: Infusion Pump Analyzer

The IPA-1000 Series is a microprocessor-based, high precision infusion pump analyzer (IPA). It tests the flow rate of intravenous (I.V.) infusion pumps. The flow rates are displayed in milliliters per hour. The unit can test two volumetric pumps for output flow rate simultaneously using two volumetric chambers.

IPA-1000 (basic features):
• Large graphics display with cursor selection of options and setup of parameters

  • +/- 1% of reading flow accuracy
  • Standard milliters per hour range
  • Digital calibration – no pots to turn
  • Selectable display options and digit sizes
  • Battery life display (0 to 100%)
  • Software adjustable contrast
  • Uses any combination of chambers
  • 3.5 ml & 35 ml chambers available
  • Simple to maintain and clean (no valves)
  • Replaceable tubes
  • Sealed level sensors
  • Automatic detection of connected chamber type
  • Programmable end of test audio
  • Programmable auto or manual

More Information: IPA-1000: Infusion Pump Analyzer

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